St. Xavier’s’ Global Academy is a progressive English Medium School with difference. Its exalted aim and profound message “VIDYA VICHARI TAN PARUPKARI” rendered in English, it means that “HE IS LEARNED INDEED, WHO DOES GOOD TO OTHERS”. The exalted aim is to produce ideal members of society, ideal students with competent and balanced personality.

The Core Team

Any institution needs pillars to stand on. In addition, these pillars are nothing but the people who make the vision a delightful reality and continue to put their efforts to make it even better day by day.


Mr. P.R. Rai


Whenever asked to define education, I remember a beautiful quote “Real education is to draw out the best from the boys and girls to be educated.” Truly inspired by our visions, we have decided to come up with one more significant and creative step in school education with a strong commitment of using modern and innovative approach for spreading knowledge well.


Mr. Jatin P. Rai

Academic Director

Education without basic morals is like a high-rise building without strong foundations or bridge without strong pillars. Therefore, our mission at St. Xavier’s’ is not only to provide children with world class education but also to make sure that they are made aware and conscious about the moral values and virtues.


Janhavi Rai Kotian


Founded and managed by distinguished members and humanaries of society, culted from various walks of life, the school trod on the path of progress with their visionary approach and lofty ideas.. The school provides best possible management committee who are our strength, infrastructure and facilities for better education to the children without undue burden of parents.